Morning Brew: 100 Years of Air Shows, Indestructible Pooch, Another Hospital Shooting, and the First Guy Fired by George Steinbrenner



An early air show. Too exciting.
  • An early air show. Too exciting.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you fast in preparation for that National Hamburger Festival this weekend.

— Another shooting at a Cleveland-area hospital. This time a guy drove himself to Hillcrest then pulled out a gun and shot himself twice. Upside: He saved the taxpayers some money by driving himself to the hospital instead of doing it elsewhere and making an ambulance shuttle him around. Downside: He shot himself and it's sad. (Fox 8)

— The time-honored tradition of squinting into the sun to see a couple of planes do some tricks way up in the sky that you can't really see that clearly turns 100 this year. (Tipp News)

— George Steinbrenner fired a lot of people in his tenure in sports. Meet the first. (AP)

— Some sadistic asshole shot his dog six times while the dog sat in a locked cage. The pup survived and is recuperating; Triumph the Insult Comic Dog seen plotting the owner's punishment. (AP)

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