St. Louis to Throw Secret Concert With Scarce Tickets to get 2012 Democratic Convention



I want to crash the Democratic Convention. Does anyone know where it is?
  • I want to crash the Democratic Convention. Does anyone know where it is?

As the competition heats up between Cleveland, Minneapolis, Charlotte and St. Louis to host the 2012 Democratic Convention, St. Louis has decided to step up its game. And how does the city that calls itself the "Gateway to the West" go about doing this? By throwing the most secret, most exclusive concert of all time of course! is reporting that the committee for the city's bid for the convention will be holding a concert on July 29, and that's about as much detail as they are willing to release. Here is the press release from

A very special concert event will be happening on July 29th. If you would like to show your support to make St. Louis the host city for the Democratic National Convention by requesting tickets, please visit the ticket request page.

Please note that tickets are extremely limited in quantity and priority will be given to those who make a pledge to volunteer at the convention if St. Louis is chosen.

Where is the concert? Who knows! Who's performing? No idea! Hell, you probably won't even be able to get a ticket to get into this mystery concert. So kudos, St. Louis. You have achieved your goal of hosting the most mysterious concert ever. Hopefully, if you win the bid, you will let people know where the Democratic Convention will be held.

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