Homeland Security Doesn't Care if Columbus Murder Gets Solved



Is there a level for Oh man, we just deported a witness!?
  • Is there a level for "Oh man, we just deported a witness!"?

The United States government goes through a lot of trouble to protect key witnesses. The Witness Protection Program allows certain witnesses to be protected constantly by police, and some witnesses are given new identities after their specific trial ends and are under government protection for the rest of their lives. One aspect the government might have overlooked, though, is the incompetence of one of their own organizations.

Ohio.com is reporting that prosecutors have dropped an aggravated murder against a Columbus man because Homeland Security decided to deport the key witness in the trial to Mexico and not let anyone involved know about it.

Jaime Gallegos was one of two defendants being charged for the shooting death of a man on Christmas Eve of 2009. Gallegos has since been released from a Franklin County jail.

Homeland Security have yet to comment, but my guess is their response might be something along the lines of "Oh, shit."

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