Kalid Mansour, One-Legged Wheelchair Bandit, Beats Couple



You do something like this, it gives us all a bad name
  • You do something like this, it gives us all a bad name

Every big city offers dangers to pedestrians, from your average hold-up artists to BB-eyed speed freaks drooling for a score to packs of feral and unsocialized ex-mill dogs. Well, add violent one-legged wheelchairs bandits to the list of possible threats on the urban landscape.

According to the Plain Dealer
, on July 2 a middle-aged couple was walking to their car on East Sixth Street near Superior when they strolled past one-legged Kalid Mansour parked on the sidewalk in his wheelchair. As the two went by, Mansour allegedly jumped from his chair, hobbled over and attacked, first punching the woman in the face until she dropped unconscious to the ground, then popping her companion. Mansour then (and hats off to the PD for picking this particular verb, intentional or not) “hopped back into his wheelchair and took off on Superior Avenue” (emphasis all me). He was quickly caught by downtown security.

Mansour was in court yesterday. He’s being charged with assault and aggravated robbery. The woman he tuned-up required 11 stitches and her companion had his wallet nabbed in the altercation, so chances are Mansour’s going to have a hard time out-maneuvering justice this time.

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