Craigslist Rant of the Day: Some Advice for Those Interested in Purchasing a Bicycle



Its old, rusted, and therefore expensive. Mustache sold separately.
  • It's old, rusted, and therefore expensive. Mustache sold separately.

While perusing Craigslist this morning for Cavs tickets for next season — we're getting as close to the court as we can for the Ramon Sessions era — we found this rant. Enjoy.

Whether youre buying or selling, keep these things in mind....

Not every piece of crap that has been converted into a "fixie" is worth top dollar. with about 25 bucks, a 10 dollar thrift store bike, and a Saturday afternoon, you could turn anything into a "fixie". Dont believe the hype.

Adding the words "vintage" or "old school" DOES NOT mean that its worth anything. If its chinese made, it certainly isnt worth 200 bucks or more, no matter what, in most cases. Adding different colored hand grips doesnt mean its "custom"...

Girls bikes, regardless of how old, usually dont hold much value, since they were mass produced, and generally in good condition. there are exceptions, however.

"Schwinn Stingray choppers" are the WORST pieces of shit ever made. Schwinn should be embarrased for jumping on the "choppers are cool" craze, with this chinese made hunk of crap. Sorry people but "style" no matter how "good" or bad(usually the case) aint worth a dime.

Stop dragging out shit you found and trying to get a ton of money for it. its rediculous. sure there are alot of things out there that are worth a bunch of money. but bikes you picked off the treelawn, old sears, raleigh ten speeds arent even worth what you might get from a metal scrapyard. they are old, heavy and uncomfortable.

Do some research.

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