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Helping teachers hang out with 15-year-old boys since 2001
  • Helping teachers hang out with 15-year-old boys since 2001

Good Afternoon, Clevelanders. Here's something to read so you don't get that 2:30 feeling anymore. Or 3:30. Or 4:30.

-Thomas Edison has been selected as the next great Ohioan to be set in stone at the National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C., but only after a recounting of votes was needed to make sure Edison was the true winner. Word is the statue of the second-place Wright brothers was a bit skeptical of the results the first go-round. Edison, after winning for the second time, responded, "Suck it."

-A family in Mt. Vernon has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit against an eighth grade teacher after their son claimed he burned a cross into his arm and taught him Christianity in the classroom. So while you may have to separate church and state, there might also need to be a law separating church and arm.

-And finally, a Mayfield High School teacher is being charged with helping a student break curfew after the two were spotted in a parking lot together at 2 a.m. Inside the teacher's car police found Mike's Hard Lemonade, Labatt Blue, cigarettes and cigars. We here at Scene think that aside of the initial charge, the 49-year-old teacher should also be charged with attempting to get a man to drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. Because that's just wrong.

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