Hamza Abduhamdeh, Wish-Killing A-hole, In Court Today.



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Along with killing kittens or mugging old ladies, nothing really racks up knee-jerk public enmity like screwing around with a dying girl’s last wish. This is the lesson Hamza Abduhamdeh is learning today. According to 19ActionNews, the North Olmsted man is facing three counts of grand theft after allegedly bilking donations from the family of 14-year-old Sabreen Haq. He pleaded not guilty today in court

According to PD reports from early August, Haq was living crammed into a Rocky River apartment with her mother and three siblings when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors gave her a year to live. Haq’s final wish was give her family a little more elbow room and move into a house; her cousin, Abduhamdeh, stepped forward with a proposal. If the family could raise enough funds, he offered to buy them a home. By May 2009, they’d raised $120,000 for the new pad; however, instead of fulfilling his promise, Abduhamdeh took the cash, bought a house him his own name, and leased it to another family. Haq died in June.

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