Ohio Man Claims He Was Hit By Meteorite


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Pat Foraker was hit by a meteorite, or an alien beanball.
  • Pat Foraker was hit by a meteorite, or an alien beanball.

Pat Foraker of Quaker City, Ohio, doesn't believe that a neighbor or a prankster threw a rock at him. He believes that the small rock that struck his shoulder was a meteorite.

Details from his account seem intriguing, though according to a WEWS report last night, geologists are doubtful that it was a meteorite. No word yet if anyone believes an alien had some grudge against Foraker and decided to belt him with a fastball.

Here's what happened: Foraker was standing in his backyard when something hit his shoulder. The object bounced off his body and into his pool. When he retrieved it, he saw that it was a rock and it was warm to the touch.

This thing came and hit me on the left shoulder,” Foraker said, holding the object. “I didn't know what it was. I thought somebody was playing a prank on me and threw something at me.”

After the object hit him, Foraker said it fell in his pool. When he took it out from the water, it was warm, he said, which made him believe it fell from space.

Geologists at Ohio State are going to examine the object to determine if it is actually a meteorite.

Once again, geologists are doubtful it was an actual meteorite. Foraker's explanation? "Strange things happen to strange people."

You said it, brother, we didn't.


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