Five Guys beats In-N-Out in Burger Rankings


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Dont look so sad, second place isnt that bad.
  • Don't look so sad, second place isn't that bad.

You’ve probably had one of these conversations at least once in your life: You get a buddy who hits the West Coast, comes back, and rattles on nonstop about In-N-Out Burger, the golden calf of eternally out-of-town fast food joints. “If only we had an In-N-Out . . . ”, “This burger’s good and all, but at In-N-Out . . .”, “So this one time at In-N-Out . . .”, etc.

Well, you can now tell your buddy to tone down that California love. According to the professional burger hounds at Zagat, the West Coast chain is no longer the top dog in the hamburger game. Five Guys Burgers — available right here in Northeast Ohio — has stolen the 1st place ranking in Zagat’s latest survey. The former champ was busted down to second fiddle. The Orange County Register has more details here. Ousted from the throne, Southern California is reportedly now sinking back into the sea.

With all due respect to Zagat, Scene believes the Little Bar burger is better than both.


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