Mark Arend, Music Fan, Committed Over Loud Music


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This is obviously not the Lorain pier.
  • This is obviously not the Lorain pier.

Mark Arend loves to rock out. He loves to rock and he loves to rock in his red Mustang. When he’s rockin’, he likes to head over to the Lorain pier, ease the engine, and blow out the speakers. And now that behavior has landed him in the psych ward waiting for a mental evaluation.

According to The Morning Journal
, residents have logged 12 complaints about Arend and the level of his music since June 8. The decibel abuse didn’t even stop after police tried to close down Arend’s one-man party.

Mark Arend was charged with excessive noise, no license plates and the car was towed on Tuesday, according to police.

On Wednesday, Arend returned to the pier in a vehicle and was issued another citation. Officers called paramedics and Arend was taken to EMH Regional Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

That’s really some determination.


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