Afternoon Brew: Canton's Ties to Famous UFO, Girl Scout Cookie Money Missing, Traffic Tickets Up in Cuyahoga County, and the Renegade Parish



We cant read the word flock without thinking of this.
  • We can't read the word 'flock' without thinking of this.

Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you get ready for your fantasy football draft.

— Was the Roswell UFO tested at the Timken plant in Ohio? That was the claim of a former worker. Material from the craft was allegedly trucked across the country to be tested here. (Canton Repository)

— $17,000 is missing in Toledo where eight families haven't forked over the thousands of dollars they collected while selling girl scout cookies. Our guess: They took the cash and bought cookies of their own — that stuff's like crack. (Toledo Blade)

— The priest of the breakaway congregation of St. Peter says he will meet with Bishop Richard Lennon. The Bishop obviously wants to bring the group back to the flock and the flock seems intent on remaining renegades, despite Lennon's veiled and threatening warnings of excommunication. (

— Traffic tickets were down across the board in Ohio except for two places, one being Cuyahoga County. Lucky us. (

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