Alfredo Alicia Stabbed Brother Over $6



Pick a knife or give me my $6, your choice.
  • Pick a knife or give me my $6, your choice.

43 year-old Alfredo Alicia accosted his brother, Angel Alicea. He had beef. He was angry.

What was the problem?

Apparently his 44-year-old brother owed him $6.

Alfredo must have really wanted that $6 because when Angel couldn't produce his pittance of a debt, Alfredo stabbed him in the leg. Oh, and he punched him in the chest, too.

How did the fight escalate from $6 to bloody wound? The Lorain Morning Journal has the details:

Angel Alicea, 44, was sitting on a porch in the 1600 block of East 30th Street and told police he had been stabbed in the leg by his brother, Alfredo Alicia, 43. Alfredo Alicia admitted stabbing his brother, but claimed he only had the knife in self defense. Alfredo Alicea said his brother came to his home, ripped open his screen door, asked for $6 owed him and punched him in the chest, according to the report.

When Alfredo Alicea picked up the knife, Angel Alicea went outside and picked up a board and threatened him with it. He said Angel Alicea fell over so he stabbed him in the leg. Angel Alicea was taken to Community Regional Medical Center. Alfredo Alicea was charged with felonious assault and taken to Lorain City Jail.

Angel's just lucky he didn't owe his brother $10, that might have been a gunshot.

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