Ohio Seizes 44,000 Pounds of Weed



Wonder if they encountered any plants this big?
  • Wonder if they encountered any plants this big?

The end of summer can only mean one thing: Marijuana-killing season is upon us. State Attorney General Richard Cordray touts the annual eradication of Ohio’s pot crop through the efforts of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, which operates out of his office. The slaughter precedes
the plants’ normal harvest time by just a few weeks.

Using helicopters and ATVs, and working with local law enforcement, the agency claims to have seized more than 20,000 plants since late July — about 44,000 pounds of weed, or enough to supply Peter B. Lewis for a full week.

According to spokeswoman Kimberly Kowalski, the kill is funded by grant money from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, which has coughed up $960,000 to Ohio in the last two years alone.

Based on Cordray’s figures and our highly suspect math, the total haul amounts to a cost of $10 per plant seized, with the savings passed on to your friendly neighborhood Colombian drug lord.

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