Virginia Leonard, Drunken Brawler, Kicks Ass, Takes Names



Drunk? Whos Drunk?
  • Drunk? Who's Drunk?

And the award for best drunken backyard performance of the year goes to . . . drum roll . . . Lorain’s own Virginia Leonard. According to WEWS, the 31-year-old woman went on an epic booze binge that included public disruptions, scuffles with police and crotch shots.

The station reports that Leonard and her boyfriend were splitting a bottle of brandy; when the man took the booze away, his girlfriend lost her cool. She then “allegedly punched a neighbor in the chest for trying to calm her down, kicked a cooler and flipped a stroller in the front yard.” Police trooped to the house, but the presence of the law did nothing to mollify Leonard.

When an officer arrived at the scene, police said Leonard had slurred speech, stumbled when she walked and appeared to be highly intoxicated. The officer placed Leonard in the back of the police cruiser, but did not initially place her in handcuffs.

Officers eventually entered the house after neighbors informed the officers that Leonard had an 8-month-old child, which was when Leonard then became unruly, police said.

According to police, Leonard began kicking at the cruiser windows, sticking her legs out of the car door, and yelling profanities and racial slurs at the officers who tried to restrain her. As officers tried to keep her under control, Leonard then yelled that she had overdosed on pills and pretended to pass out, police said.

Medical personnel were called to the scene, and then treated Leonard. In the ambulance, Leonard continued to fight with officers, and attempted to head-butt a paramedic in the groin, according to the report.

When the cops entered the house, Leonard’s boyfriend was passed out. They also discovered the child inside. A family member came and took the baby. Leonard has been charged with “assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, obstructing justice and child endangerment.”

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