Kenneth Ray, School Janitor, Gropes Little Girls at Wal-Mart



Not someone you want to leave alone with your kid.
  • Not someone you want to leave alone with your kid.

Parents beware: fanny-pinching part-time school janitors are stalking area Wal-Marts. Well, at least one. Police say Kenneth Ray was caught grouping two young girls at a Mentor branch of the big box.

As if that description didn’t make Ray out to be a perv already, you’ll be disgusted to know both his victims were under 13.

Thankfully, the outraged fathers grabbed his license plate number and directed cops towards the groper.

The News Herald has the details:

A 7-year-old girl was with her father in the store when she felt a stranger swipe his hand across her posterior.

The girl told her father and, then, witnessed as the man did the same thing to another girl in the store.

The first victim’s father told the second victim’s mother what his daughter saw. The second girl, who is 10 years old, confirmed it. Neither family knew the suspect.

The father followed the man outside, memorized his license plate and called police. Officers identified the car and arrested Ray at his home.

The paper reports that the 49-year-old was an occasional janitor at Willoughby-Eastlake Schools. Officials confirmed he was doing work for the district this summer. He’s being held on two counts of gross sexual imposition.

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