Kristin Ann Stahlbush, Suspended Laywer, Often Billed For More Than 24 Hours of Work in a Day



Kristin Ann Stahlbush would tell you this scale could hold two tons of weight.
  • Kristin Ann Stahlbush would tell you this scale could hold two tons of weight.

It's hard enough to trust lawyers without them giving you obvious reasons to not trust them.

Case in point: Ohio lawyer Kristin Ann Stahlbush.

There's a blind trust when working with a lawyer. You trust that the hours and minutes they're billing you for are in fact correct and accurate and that they're not piling on imaginary billing time for a bigger paycheck.

It's also hard to catch them if they're doing that.

One obvious warning sign, however, would be if they bill you for more than 24 hours of work in a single day.

That's a big red flag, one that led the Ohio Bar Association to investigate and suspend Kristin Ann Stahlbush. Lawyers may be able to manipulate your words and the law, but, as far as we know, they can not yet manipulate time.

The ABA Journal has the details:

The lawyer, Kristin Ann Stahlbush of Toledo, will be suspended for two years, with the second year stayed if she completes a one-year probationary period, the Legal Profession Blog reports.

According to an Ohio Supreme Court opinion (PDF) issued Tuesday, Stahlbush billed the courts in Lucas County for more than 24 hours a day on at least three different days, and more than 20 hours a day on five other occasions.

The court said Stahlbush failed to keep adequate records of the hours she worked, submitted inflated fee requests, and sometimes “merely guessed at the time she had spent on a case.” She had no prior discipline, however, and was known as a competent and hard-working lawyer.

Just wondering here, but might she have been viewed as a "hard-working lawyer" because everyone thought she worked 24 hours a day? Just sayin'.

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