Lakewood Named Top-Ten Coolest Suburb In Country



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Travel + Leisure mag, that recognized arbiter of all that's cool, has deemed Lakewood cool enough to land on its list of top ten cool suburbs worthy of a visit.

What with all the churches and bars, how could it not be the coolest? What other city provides the most practical and convenient locations for both committing various sins and then apologizing for them in the morning?

But that's not what drew Travel + Leisure's eye.

Here's their blurb:

Set along the cliffs of Lake Erie, this inner-ring suburb of Cleveland has been on the radar of the young and urbane for some time. It has a well-established (and thriving) nightlife and gastronomic scene along Detroit Avenue, as well as a sizable gay and lesbian community.

See: Every Sunday the Lakewood Band Shelter at Lakewood Park offers free performances, often big band ensembles. Rock and blues acts play the Winchester Tavern and Music Hall.

Taste: Sip on a signature Red Delicious martini while taking in the magnificent view of Lake Erie and downtown Cleveland from the nautically themed Pier W. For heartier fare (though not necessarily healthful), head over to Melt Bar & Grilled, where chef Matt Fish has elevated the grilled cheese sandwich to gourmet status.

You probably assumed that Melt would be mentioned. It's cool! There are tattoos! Cool! But it's nice to also see Pier W and the Winchester get some pub. Also mentioned: free big band concerts, because that's the coolest of cool.

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