Brennan Eden in the Craziest Car Crash You'll See All Day (Updated)



Brennan Eden thinks his crash was pretty badass.
  • Brennan Eden thinks his crash was pretty badass.

Update: Brennan Eden was stone-cold sober. That unbelievable revelation comes from authorities who tested Eden's blood for drugs and alcohol following his spectacular crash near Dayton last week.

Raise your hand if you thought they'd find a LiLo-worthy cocktail of substances coursing through his veins? Yeah, us too.

Turns out he was clean and simply a reckless idiot.


The video below shows some truly terrifying action that took place in Dayton on Monday morning.

19-year-old Brennan Eden was flying down I-675, reaching speeds near 100 mph according to police.

Eden decided the left berm was the proper lane to use to pass slower traffic. A police officer happened to have his dash camera on when Eden's adventure in the left berm took a scary turn when his Pontiac Firebird dipped and launched into a bridge, splintering the car into huge chunks.

Eden, surprisingly, is alive despite being ejected from the car. The latest updates from WDTN in Dayton had him in critical condition at a local hospital.

Just hours earlier, Eden had been cited by police after they caught him with a small amount of weed and a 15-year-old girl in his car. He was released, then hopped in his Firebird and did his own stunt show on I-675.

The crazy footage after the jump...

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