Cynthia Boogher, Drunken Flasher, Causes Commotion in Lorain



Cynthia Boogher during one of those rare times when  she has a shirt on.
  • Cynthia Boogher during one of those rare times when she has a shirt on.

In your daily update of the strange and crazy happenings of Lorain, Ohio...

Cynthia Boogher, 27, made the normally breast-free zone of W. 10th Street and Reid Avenue in Lorain more breasty yesterday, according to police.

Boogher was more than a little drunk and wandering around the area wearing a black hoodie that was unzipped, revealing her breasts.

Besides the flashing of the flesh, Boogher was also "screaming and stumbling about."

No word on how many bystanders were around to catch her amateur Girls Gone Wild performance, but at least a few officers caught the act and intervened, which is when things got even more Lorain-ier.

According to the Lorain Morning Journal:

A friend of Boogher’s approached police to give her a shirt to put on and told officers she’d take Boogher home with her and let her sleep there and sober up. However, when officers let Boogher out of the cruiser to go with her friend, she began to scream and ran in the middle of the street, causing oncoming cars to have to stop to avoid hitting her, the report said.

Cops took her in on public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges.

At some point between then and when the picture was taken, she put on clothes.


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