16 Dead People Have Voted in Recent Ohio Elections


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Boo! I will haunt you, and vote GOP.
  • Boo! I will haunt you, and vote GOP.

The Columbus Dispatch reports today that over 5,800 deceased Ohioans remain on voter rolls throughout the state.

That bit of clerical error is embarrassing enough and troubling to many through the state without the prospect of any of those 5,800 dead people actually voting.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner says there are many reasons for the discrepancies, such as when an Ohioan dies outside of the state and the other state takes months or even a year to notify the Ohio Department of Health of the death. The deceased are obviously supposed to be removed from voter registrations, but the Dispatch reports that the process by which this happens — checking information from the Ohio Department of Health — is done by the counties, some of which clean up their databases more than others.

Cuyahoga County had quite the backlog.

Elections Director Jane Platten told the paper Cuyahoga County expunged 27,500 deceased voters, some dating back almost ten years, last year.

Real diligent.

The Dispatch also discovered that 16 dead people cast ballots in recent elections. And you thought Nader voters were scary. Try Nader voters still voting from the grave.

Here's the money graf:

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office and county elections officials say they are confident that, in each instance, the dead didn't actually cast a ballot and that human mistakes or computer issues are to blame.

Rest easy, folks. We're just bad at our jobs. No need to worry about ghosts. Really, we're just not very good at what we do.


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