Goodtime III Discovers Dead Body in Cuyahoga River



And if you look to your right...
  • And if you look to your right...

"Folks, this is your captain. Just wanted to point out that if you look to your left you'll get a nice view Progressive Field. And if you look to your right... um... nevermind. Don't look to your right."

Passengers on the Goodtime III are used to seeing all manner of detritus floating in the Cuyahoga River. Driftwood, litter, the occasional rower, and piles of documents from the Cuyahoga County boards of revisions are the usual sights. Sunday afternoon, however, those floating along looking for a good time got something else entirely.

19 Action News reports that some of the passengers spotted a floating, clothed body near the Hope Memorial Bridge. What many believed to be a hoax at first turned out to be anything but.

The coroner says the body is that of a 55-year-old white male who is as of yet unidentified.

To the crew's credit, they continued their merry cruise down the river. Probably not the worst thing they've seen floating there.

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