Frank Russo, No Criminal Mastermind, Does Something Sketchy, Again



No, you are not mistaken. That is Frank Russo and Jerry Springer
  • No, you are not mistaken. That is Frank Russo and Jerry Springer

So it looks like Frank Russo isn’t even trying anymore. The besieged public official — on the Fed’s chopping block since ‘08 —has now been caught red-handed indulging in blatant cronyism.

As the Plain Dealer tells it today
, after the county property revision board was mowed down with allegations of impropriety and corruption, it fell on Russo to appoint a bureaucrat to watchdog the group.

Now, any self respecting criminal mastermind would probably have played this one by the book, lest he attract more scrutiny. But not our Public Official #2.

Russo appointed Cindy Bialowas, the sister of his longtime housemate, Michael Calabrese.

The appointment is such a ridiculous, obvious, no-question-about-it bad idea that other county bigwigs have spoken out on the record.

"I have long since given up on telling Frank Russo what is right and wrong," Cuyahoga Treasurer Jim Rokakis told the PD.

This comes only a week after Russo squeezed ousted board of revision members into new plush gigs in his office. Looking down the barrel at probably immanent Federal indictments, it seems like he’s indulging in as much malfeasance as possible unit the blue suits come calling.

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