John Gajewski, ex-Wickliffe Bus Driver, Fired for Handing Out X-mas Cards



No reports on whether or not Gajewskis bus was this much fun.
  • No reports on whether or not Gajewski's bus was this much fun.

In the spectrum of on-the-job offenses that can get you canned, where exactly does handing out Christmas Cards come in? Is this worst than insubordination? Workplace porn? Fraud? One former Wickliffe school bus driver is asking himself — and the court — that very question. John Gajewski has filed a discrimination suit against the school district, charging he was let go and replaced with a younger substitute after he gave school kids holiday cards.

From the News Herald, a la outline form (someone was trying to meet a short deadline):

According to the suit filed by Medina attorneys Eric Hall and Wesley Johnson:

— Gajewski was employed as a bus driver/bus monitor from August 2007 through Feb. 2, 2009.

— He was a “dedicated” employee who performed his duties with “skill and proficiency.”

— The district breached Gajewski’s contract by terminating him on Feb. 2, 2009, for giving students Christmas cards.

— They later replaced him with “substantially younger employees.”

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