Man Arrested Three Days in a Row for Being Drunk



The Hoff can empathize.
  • The 'Hoff can empathize.

A North Olmsted man just could put down the bottle, or leave people alone, or avoid the police, or act like a reasonable human being.

Three days in a row, three days in a jail cell.

That's not a good streak.

The trouble began August 29 when our unnamed gentleman was arrested at a local drinking establishment.

At 8:30 a.m. the next day, he was released.

When happy hour began that afternoon, cops were called once again because the man, wearing the same clothes as the night before, was hammered and "harassing workers at Chili's."

Taken back to jail to sober up, the man went for the trifecta the next day upon being set free, sober for the moment.

Sobriety didn't last long; he was found by police "passed out on the sidewalk in front of Denny's."

No word on what happened on the fourth day, but here's to hoping that if his bender reached six days, he at least too the seventh to rest.



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