Donald Jackson, "Lead-Foot Loser", Tries to Rundown Cop


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Dont want to get caught in his crosshairs.
  • Don't want to get caught in his crosshairs.

We’ve got a certain affinity for whoever puts together the Web copy over at 19ActionNews; they’ve got the alliteration-lovin’ newsfair too often absent from the average staid headlines. This next one, for example, they dubbed the “Lead-Foot Loster.” Nice. Hat tip.

The Lead-Foot Loser, one Donald Jackson, was involved in a police shooting in — where else, wait for it, wait for it — Lorain County.

Both uniformed and plainclothes members of the county’s Drug Task Force pulled the South Amherst man over in Elyria on Thursday. As officers approached the vehicle, the Lead-Foot Loser threw the car into drive and headed off, a plainclothes officer in line to splat on his grille. With the car incoming, the officer pulled his gun and fired at the vehicle.

The drive was arrested shortly after the incident. No one is reported to have been hurt.

In keeping with our in-house shorthand here at Scene, you could say Jackson pulled a Lorain.


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