DVD In a Box Looks to Challenge Redbox in Cheap Rentals



Its red, but not Redbox.
  • It's red, but not Redbox.

Redbox, that little wonderful kiosk of $1 DVD rentals, is getting some competition in the Cleveland market.

A stroll down to Constantino's Market on W. 9th today revealed a similar self-serve destination hawking the latest and greatest in flimsy Hollywood fare for a buck.

And by similar, we mean almost exactly. Like, the kiosk is even red too.

DVD In a Box is the name and the game is the same: $1 movies, charged by the night. The only difference seems to be that after ten nights they won't take the movie back and that $7.50 is held on your credit card upon rental.

The company looks to be local, with limited kiosks so far. Besides the one at Constantino's, which just showed up this week, the site lists Mayfield Rd. in Cleveland, Kirtland, and W. 117th as other locations.

More $1 movies in the world? Who can complain about that?

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