Cleveland Ranked 4th Worst Winter City in America



Snow doesnt put a damper on tailgating.
  • Snow doesn't put a damper on tailgating.

Dispatch from the "Really? No shit?" Department...

The Farmer's Almanac has some breaking news: Cleveland has bad winters.

How bad? Their very scientific formula, which we believe involves asking an old farmer living in Farmer City, Illinois, what he thinks, pegs Cleveland as the fourth worst winter city in America.

Um. OK...

Number one on the list was Syracuse, NY, which actually took home the Golden Snowball last year, an award for highest cumulative snowfall among five New York cities in a year. even got a quote from the guy behind, which only sounds like a site devoted to some deviant sexual behavior involving urine. He said something not terribly interesting or worth repeating here.

Second place went to Duluth, Minnesota. Third was Casper, Wyoming. Fifth was Detroit, Michigan.

No word on if the Farmer's Almanac factored in having to watch the Browns each winter into the rankings.

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