Jang Kongthong, Wellington Doctor, Allegedly Paid Patient for Sex



Dont open wide and say ahhh.
  • Don't open wide and say ahhh.

All those playing doctor jokes now just seem ew. According to reports beaming in from the far reaches of the West Side, a Wellington doctor has been arrested after authorities discovered he was up to some paid-for hanky-panky with a patient.

69-year-old Jang Kongthong has been charged with a misdemeanor stemming from the alleged relationship. He was a family doctor in the area for more than 10 years. The reports say he allegedly paid a female patient to have sex with him over a 6-month period. The authorities won’t say what the form of payment was, be it cash, pills, or whatever else sex goes for these days. It looks like it was his big mouth that got him into his current legal situation.

“He’s made some admissions that got him to the position he’s in today,” Detective Gregg Mehling told The Chronicle-Telegram.

This isn’t the first time Kongthong’s been in trouble for his behavior with the ladies. He’s currently being sued by a former patient for giving one of those too-touchy-feely examines they’re not really suppose to give.

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