Swensons Tops Skyway on Symon's New Show




The voice of authority, at least when it comes to Cleveland cuisine, has spoken.

Michael Symon's new Food Network Show, "Food Feuds," stopped by Akron to film this week at Swensons, Skyway, and two Barberton chicken joints.

The point? Focus on a long-held food grudge and pick a winner.

The debate between Skyway and Swensons was attacked and settled in an episode that will air sometime in the future, but whose results you can know now.

And... Swensons is the winner, which you probably gathered from the headline.

The330.com has the details:

Basing his decision on taste, technique and tradition, Symon gave Skyway the nod on tradition, saying that the burger had taken him back to his childhood.

For technique, he praised the way Swensons grinds its own beef and butters its buns for the classic sandwich.

When it came to taste, Symon picked the double-sauced Galley Boy, which comes speared with a pimento-stuffed green olive.

Steve Thompson, owner of Swensons, beamed as he posed for photos with his trophy and thanked Swensons fans for coming out. His cheering section included the Massoli family, from Massoli’s Italian Bakery in Akron, which bakes the buns for Swensons’ burgers.

The other winner? Michael Symon's bank account.

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