Lessons in Office Friendly Cutlery: Russo Had Machete at Work



Corruption? What Corruption?
  • Corruption? What Corruption?

Is the Cuyahoga County corruption story getting a little too dry for you? Too many redundant articles circling the same ground, he-said-this, he-said-that, Russo-blah-blah-bribe, Dimora-blah-blah-sandwich? Unfortunately, this two-year scandal has been heavy on number crunching and backroom deals, with only the occasional refreshing reference to Las Vegas hookers spicing things up. Well, here’s another out-of-the-ordinary tidbit: 19ActionNews says ousted-Auditor Frank Russo was packing at work — packing a machete, that is. Old school.

The station was tipped off to the NSFW toy and confirmed with the Sheriff’s Office that the machete in question had been spotted by county employee. Russo was reportedly trying to sell it.

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