Gov Strickland Demands Bad Judges Step Down


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You know, you guys really screwed me on this.
  • "You know, you guys really screwed me on this."

Not surprisingly, Columbus has radioed-in on the county corruption arrests. Democrat Governor Ted Strickland, facing an uphill climb for re-election, has asked that the two judges fingered by federalistas step down, the PD reports. Common Pleas Judges Steven Terry and Bridget McCafferty were both arrested Wednesday for their roll in the Russo-Dimora circus. Terry, it turns out, was a Strickland appointee; Russo campaigned for his 2007 appointment.

All of this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Strickland. Recent poll results predict a loss for the incumbent in November, and Strickland’s been throwing all the hail-marys he’s got. With these arrests, his party is again discredited in the state’s strongest Dem stronghold, and the fact that one of his appointees has been labeled a bad apple doesn’t help.


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