Vince Russo Pleads Guilty, Gets 18 Months in Prison



Thank your father, Vince.
  • Thank your father, Vince.

One day after Frank Russo stepped in front of a courtroom and pleaded guilty, his son, Vince Russo, did the same.

Vince Russo will get 18 months in prison after copping to obstruction charges. He's set to be sentenced the same day as his father, December 10.

It became apparent during the last week that Frank Russo pleaded guilty and was cooperating with authorities to save his family further trouble. This included the FBI not pursuing additional corruption charges against his son Vince, who was charged in July.

The PD has further interesting details on how the Feds leveraged Vince to get to Frank.

But thanks to his father, Vince Russo will not face any additional charges for any other corruption schemes he may have been involved in.

Prosecutors charged Vince Russo in July in a move many court watchers believe was an effort to pressure his father to cooperate with the government. If that was the case, it worked, as Frank Russo's attorney, Roger Synenberg, began negotiating in earnest with Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Rowland after Vince Russo's arrest.

The result was a nearly 22-year prison term for Frank Russo and a deal that would protect Vince Russo.

Vince Russo admitted giving two televisions as bribes in return for contracts awarded by the Maple Heights school district to one of his clients.

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