UPS Driver Used Job to Deliver Pot


Drug delivery on wheels.
  • Drug delivery on wheels.

If it wasn't bad enough that UPS drivers drop your precious box marked "Fragile" and show up to deliver your cargo mid-day when no one's home, at least one of them was also using his job as a convenient way to do mobile drug deliveries.

Stanley William Taylor Jr., a former UPS driver in Cleveland, was convicted Wednesday of possessing pot with intent to distribute.

The AP reports he will be sentenced in December and is looking at a hefty prison term.

How much ganja did Taylor traffic while providing the best answer yet to "What can brown do for you?"?

Taylor, of Cleveland, is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 6. Prosecutors say he could be facing up to a 40-year prison term and/or a $2 million fine.

Authorities say an investigation showed a marijuana trafficking organization acquired wholesale quantities of the drug in Arizona and then shipped it to buyers in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Prosecutors say Taylor agreed to use his position with UPS in Cleveland to deliver boxes filled with the illegal drug. They say the drug organization's ledgers show more than 6,900 pounds of marijuana was sold over a two-year period.

That all sounds confusing. Can we get the white-board guy to diagram it for us?


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