Feds Land State's Biggest Heroin Bust, Worth $1.8 Million



Score a win for the good guys.
  • Score a win for the good guys.

Scene’s been hearing street chatter that heroin is all the rage these days, sidelining prescription pills and blow as the drug of choice for deadbeat neighbors and wayward kids, coming soon to a suburb near you.

If true, the incoming tide of smack may have been delayed by the Feds this week, who reportedly busted a local heroin ring and locked-up 24 bad guys in the process. By the way, the leader of this criminal conspiracy had a great, straight out-of-a-Bond-movie moniker: Shaka Zulu.

According to the Plain Dealer, authorities seized 20 kilograms of Big H stashed around homes and apartments in Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights. The value was $1.8 million.

The main supplier of the distribution ring is identified as Christopher Ugochukwu, also known as Shaka Zulu. He would give heroin to others, including Richard Lanier, also know as Juice, and Bryant Johnson for further distribution.

Federal prosecutors also hoped to a seize Johnson's house in Solon.


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