Native Clevelanders Win 'The Great Food Truck Race'



Fuck yeah.
  • Fuck yeah.

Two Cleveland guys and their buddy won The Great Food Truck Race, a Food Network reality TV contest. Matt Chernus and Ryan Harkins — formerly half of Cleveland rock band Amps II Eleven — moved to LA in 2007, where they launched the Grill ‘Em All truck.

Six trucks competed in a six-week coast-to-coast challenge, rolling city to city, where they’d set up shop, take seed money, and see who could move the most grub.

Grill ‘Em All based its title on an early Metallica album, and the menu owes much to hard rock, from the signature Molly Hatchet Burger to a Behemoth. The competition simply weren’t as fierce or loud. Rivals included Baby’s Badasss Burgers and the Nom Nom Truck, who probably sold delightful vegan fare, frothy chai lattés, and other stuff that’ll stunt the growth of your chest hair. — D.X. Ferris

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