17-Year Old Raped In Cleveland, Suspect At-Large (Updated)


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Sketch of the suspect.
  • Sketch of the suspect.

Update: Police say they've confiscated a van they believe is the one described by the rape victim as being used by her attacker. Unfortunately, they still have not come up with the suspect.


Scary news making the rounds this week: a 17-year old girl was brutally raped Monday morning on her way to school while waiting for an RTA bus. This is the kind of story that makes you double check the locks at night.

According to Channel 5, the girl was waiting for the bus at 55th and Broadway when she noticed a black van. When she tried to walk home, the van followed, and eventually the assailant jumped from the vehicle and forced her into the car.

The victim told police she recognized the street where the van had stopped. During the assault, she managed to use her cell phone to call her brother.

She screamed, "I'm on Magnet, I'm on Magnet!"

What happened next has disturbed the most experienced sex crimes detectives.

The male suspect took the cell phone and used it to penetrate the victim vaginally. He also forced her to give him oral sex, saying "make me feel good." The victim bit the suspect twice and escaped.

She ran home, where police took a report. The victim complained she couldn't walk to an ambulance because her vagina was hurting. Police and the victim didn't know the cell phone was still inside her until a doctor did an examination. The phone was placed in a rape kit box.

The victim was treated and released. The suspect is still at large.



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