Dimora Yells at Reporters Through Closed Door, Is Hilarious



Tom, when you win that Oscar, we want a thank you.
  • Tom, when you win that Oscar, we want a thank you.

When they get around to making a full-length, fat-budgeted Hollywood blockbuster based on the events surrounding the Cuyahoga County corruption case, this scene has to be in there for pure comedic value. There’s also some great symbolism at work here: once powerful heavyweight alone in an office, friends and co-workers gone, shouting at reporters through an inch of closed door.

Camera pans down hallway. Reporters knock.

"Who is it?" Dimora asked.

The reporters identified themselves and asked questions about Brigid O'Malley, one of Dimora's appointees to the county's scandal-plagued boards of revision. O'Malley's work has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, and she tried banning a photographer from a public meeting on Wednesday.

"You guys are irresponsible reporters," Dimora replied through the closed door, and declined further comment


The Dimora role has been giving us some trouble over at Scene. So far the short list is Kevin James, Vincent Pastore, Ricky Gervais or Bruce Willis in a fat suit. Feel free to send in suggestions. However, Tom Arnold is a lock for Russo.

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