William Woolf Allegedly Held Gun to Daughter's Head Over iPod Argument



Officer, can you put on your Mugshot Mix for me?
  • "Officer, can you put on your 'Mugshot Mix' for me?"

Kelsi Woolf recently had a bad day. Her iPod was stolen at school.

She came up and told her father, William Woolf, the tale of woe.

Now, normally, this would be an instance where she might expect a little sympathy and a brief lecture about being responsible for her possessions, especially one as pricey as an iPod.

But this is not how William Woolf does his parenting.

He took a different route.

According to a Sandusky Register report, he hit his 18-year-old daughter, choked her, then drew his gun, held hit to her head, and said, "I'm going to kill you."

He's being held in jail after police caught up to him after he tried to flee from his house. Charges for this nominee for Father of the Year include felonious assault, domestic violence, and aggravated menacing.

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