Dartavia Beck, Best Week Ever, For An A-hole



If only all weeks that began with domestic violence ended so justly.
  • If only all weeks that began with domestic violence ended so justly.

It’s the fifth week in September and 32-year-old Dartavia Beck is having the Best Week Ever — and by best, we mean the best thing that can happen to an alleged asshole who knocks around his wife and kid: getting busted for having sex with a girl who, oops, forgot to say she was 14.

From the News-Herald: the Painesville man first caught the attention of police after allegedly beating-up his wife while she was holding their 3-year-old child. By the time the authorities got on the scene, Beck had booked, leaving his bloodied wife and her broken nose behind.

Three days later, police ran into a 14-year-old girl who said she’d been picked up by an older man and taken to a hotel where they did the dirty. The man was — you guessed it — Beck.

Deputies arrested Becks Friday. Dunlap said Becks confessed to sleeping with the girl and admitted that he did not try to verify her age.

Becks was charged with felonious assault, endangering children and domestic violence in the incident involving his wife. He was charged with unlawful sexual conduct and two counts of drug abuse by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Judge Michael Cicconetti set his bond at $67,500, which has not been posted. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4.

If convicted of the felony counts of felonious assault, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and drug abuse, Becks could be punished with between two and 14 years in prison.

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