Vincent Stafford Gets Hit With Suspension for Continued Douchebaggery (Updated)



Vince Stafford.
  • Vince Stafford.

Update: The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously in a 7-0 vote to bestow upon the great douchewad Vince Stafford a one-year suspension. He will spend his new-found free time eating children. (


Four years ago we introduced you to the two-man wrecking crew of brothers Joseph and Vincent Stafford, the brash attorneys widely regarded by observers as the biggest dicks in divorce court (“Monsters of Misery Court,” April 26, 2006).

Among their patented moves: threats, intimidation, and the occasional fisticuffs. It’s all designed to make the joyride through a disintegrating marriage that much more fun for everyone involved.

But it appears their reign is facing a challenge: Vincent recently defended himself in a record-setting 22-day hearing before an Ohio Supreme Court disciplinary committee. He was accused of five counts ranging from trying to frustrate other lawyers, to tangling with his client’s ex-husband at a Browns game, to nearly driving a deadbeat husband to a killing spree.

The board found him guilty of two counts, but dismissed the other three over lack of “convincing” evidence — and not, as the panel pointed out, because Vincent “behaved well or appropriately.”

He was recommended for an 18-month suspension, with 12 of those stayed. The Supreme Court gets final say.

Scene’s request for comment from Vincent was met with a bonus layer of lawyering: a response from Vincent’s attorney, John O’Neil. “To be clear, this is only a recommendation,” he says. “Vincent Stafford will continue his trial law practice and represent his clients with the same dedication and commitment they have come to expect.” Which is to say, with plenty of venom and punches below the belt.

Up next: Joseph Stafford, who also spent his summer break before a disciplinary panel. That decision has yet to be returned.

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