Peter B. Lewis Focused on Marijuana



Dude, those birds are sooooo freaky.
  • "Dude, those birds are sooooo freaky.

Noted pothead and ridiculously wealthy old billionaire Peter B. Lewis is holding back money from the Democrats this year.

According to the New York Times, Lewis gave more than $20 million to Democrats during the 2004 election. This year, not so much. Like other wealthy donors, Lewis is focusing on other areas and withholding money from the Democrats.

Where is Lewis' head these days? Focused on pot, naturally.

The attention of Mr. Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance, also appears to be elsewhere this year. Jennifer Frutchy, who advises Mr. Lewis on his philanthropy, said he was focused at the moment on “building progressive infrastructure and marijuana reform.”

“That’s just where his head is right now,” Ms. Frutchy said.

Many major donors, in fact, seem to be drawing a distinction between continuing to support left-leaning policy organizations and other institutions, and giving money to political groups focused on this election.

Got his mind on his money and marijuana on his mind, or something like that.

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