Sherrod Brown, Not a Tea Party Fan



Most Tea Party supporters are this tall. No, really.
  • Most Tea Party supporters are this tall. No, really.

The Tea Party is causing waves around the country, rankling Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike. As elections near, supporters and detractors are sure to speak out in full volume on the movement, which has already shown itself to be influential in a couple primaries around the nation.

Sherrod Brown has a few thoughts he'd like to get off his chest about the Tea Party. He shared them in an op-ed in USA Today.

Basically, the Democrat thinks it's all faux populism and spreads fear.

The Tea Party vision of 21st century America would gut Medicare and Social Security, ignore the minimum wage, and scale back consumer protections and regulations that keep Wall Street honest and our food supply safe. It seems to me that Tea Party activists, increasingly influential in the Republican Party, do not seem to much like America the way we are.

Tea Party populism is driven by anger at our government and at our country. Real populism fights for all Americans, while Tea Party populism divides us.

Republicans have always been good at coming up with catch phrases and slogans that traffic in fear and misinformation.

But impatient progressives, like generations before us, have the truth on our side. And this time we have the perfect bumper sticker.

"Bring back pre-existing conditions. Vote Republican."

Boom. Roasted. Or something.

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