Third Grader Brings Loaded Gun to School




First, to get this out of the way upfront, no one was hurt.

Now, here's what happened:

Action 19 News reports that a third-grader at Marion Sterling brought a loaded .22-caliber gun to school yesterday. One bullet was in the weapon, three more bullets were in his pocket.

There are very few details at the moment except WOIO calling the student a "bad boy."

The bad boy's classmates say the kid is trouble.

"To get revenge on people who be bullying him," said one student. "He had a BB gun before and used it. So I'm not surprised that he ain't going to use that."

Parents, meanwhile, are concerned about the lapse in security.

"Period. Point blank, we all need to be protected," said parent Janetta Deloach. "Bottom line."


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