Todd Pinney Gets 9th DUI


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Todd Pinney is one of those assholes you hear about from time to time. The kind you wish cops could just keep off the roads one way or another, even if it means shackling him to a radiator somewhere.

Pinney, a 52-year-old from Parma, just pleaded guilty to his 9th DUI.

Not content to drive recklessly and under the influence in a car, his alcohol-fueled finale back on June 12 in Cuyahoga Falls happened on a three-wheel bike powered by a small engine. Cops notice he was swerving, pulled him over, and discovered — much to their surprise, we're sure — that the man who had already notched eight DUI convictions was, yes, drunk.

Three times the legal limit.

According to NewsNet5, Pinney copped to a five DUIs in 20 years charge which will require him to serve one to five years in the slammer, which would seem to be the only method to keep him from getting behind the wheel of a car, or a small bike, after drinking.


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