Willie Edwards Jr. Stalked Female Newscasters



He tunes in.
  • He tunes in.

Those lovely and talented ladies that grace your local evening newscasts garner their fair share of attention.

Fans, understandably, notice when a beautiful woman is giving them the news or breaking down the weekend's forecast. Sharon Reed's made a couple of "Hottest Newscaster" lists, and if you poke around Facebook, you'll come across pages dedicated to the celebration of some of the more fetching faces from the local media.

There's nothing wrong with showing a little appreciation, admiring them for their work and their beauty — we're Sharon Reed fans ourselves — but there are obvious lines that shouldn't be crossed in worshiping these women, both legally and in good taste.

Willie Edwards Jr. crossed about 37 of them.

According to 19 Action News, Edwards stalked and harassed Sharon Reed, Denise Dufala, Danielle Serino, Lynna Lai and Jenn Harcher, plus another unnamed woman now working elsewhere, for the last six years.

Apparently Edwards was a 19 Action News fan — the five named women all work for WOIO.

In addition to the regular creepiness of stalking and making harassing phone calls, Edwards also sent the women dirty pictures. (No word on if the accompanying text said, "Me going from 6 to 12.")

He's been indicted on 14 charges for his stalk-y behavior.

According to police records, Edwards has been targeting Cleveland news personalities since 2004 and somehow he avoided getting caught until now.

Cleveland 3rd District detectives and sex crimes cops teamed up to tie it all to him but due to a legal; technicality, the grand jury did not indict him on sex charges for the dirty pictures.

Edwards, who is currently locked up, has a previous conviction for carrying a concealed weapon.

It'd probably be a good idea for guards to make Edwards watch Fox 8 instead of 19 Action News while he awaits trial.

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