Katurah Petty Goes Into Labor After Robbing Walmart


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Do you think she paid for that red soccer ball?
  • Do you think she paid for that red soccer ball?

What better way to start off the work week than with a story on a failed tech heist that ends with excitement-induced labor?

Channel 5 is reporting
this morning that over the weekend Alliance, Ohio was the scene of one such fumbled exercise in criminal and family behavior. According to the report, Katurah Petty and accomplice Staneel Petty rolled into the Alliance Walmart hoping to palm computer software.

Before walking out with $271 worth of product, the police stepped in. Whether induced by some complex combination of psychic guilt, excitement, or just plain old bad timing, Katurah's unborn baby started knockin' at the door.

Police rushed her to the hospital before booking her for theft and forgery.

Whatever the outcome of the criminal charges, this isn’t exactly one of those Hallmark Card, Day-You-Were-Born stories kids expect from mom when they’re old enough to ask.


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