Lorain Man Chases Criminal, Saves Him from Drowning, Watches Him Escape


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There’s a brutal lesson buried inside this one. A Lorain man tells The Chronicle Telegraph a doozy about trying to help the hand that harmed you.

According to the paper, 30-year-old Shannon Johnson was outside his apartment on Erie Avenue when he was approached by a white male looking to score drugs. Johnson told the guy to beat it. The drug-seeker didn’t like the answer he got, so he chucked a brick at Johnson’s window.

Johnson and a friend took off after the fleeing a-hole. They tracked him to the edge of the lake, where the suspect jumped in and tried to swim away — except he apparently couldn’t swim.

“I heard him yell ‘I can’t swim!’ ” Johnson said.

Johnson said he grabbed the man out of the water and laid him on some rocks “so he could gather his bearings.”
“I didn’t want to hit him,” Johnson said, adding “I’m not gonna let somebody just drown.”

But this wasn’t the kind of guy to show some thanks toward someone who just saved his life. No. Instead, the suspect jumped to his feet and escaped. Lorain police haven't been able to get their hands on the guy.


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