Ohio Attorney General Becoming a National Celebrity!


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Nerd on the rise.
  • Nerd on the rise.

Ohio’s Attorney General Rich Cordray is known for his brilliance, his thoughtfulness, his dedication to his job, and his squeaky-cleanness. But he’s also kind of nerdy. So he’s an unlikely candidate for big-time national media coverage. But yesterday, he got prominent exposure in The New York Times, which called him a “pinstriped avenger.”

An article titled “Ohio Attorney General Fights Against Wall Street” details Cordray’s lawsuits on behalf of the state’s citizens against financial institutions, subprime lenders, and questionable mortgage companies, crediting him with winning $2 billion for the state of Ohio.

He was also interviewed last night by Jeffrey Brown on the PBS Newshour, talking about the recent moratorium on foreclosures triggered by the discovery of irregularities in mortgage documents. — Anastasia Pantsios


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