Dirty Dancing at High School Dance Gets Other Dances Canceled




As long as kids have gathered in dark auditoriums for school dances those same kids have groped and humped and otherwise cavorted in the dark in ways which parents and school administrators would find unacceptable. But kids do it anyway because that's how kids dance, not to mention their bodies are overrun with hormones and caffeine. It's not often that room is left for the Holy Spirit.

Every now and then someone complains or pictures are taken and we're left with a mini-crisis surrounding kids who bump and grind a little too suggestively. Or, like, really really suggestively.

That's exactly what's happening in Bellevue this week.

The first dance of the season at Belleuve has produced quite the kerfuffle : A local newspaper posted pictures on its Facebook page of Bellevue students dancing quite provocatively — girls bent over, boys grinding it out on the backside. And now parents and school officials are shutting down dances for the immediate future.


According to the Lorain Morning Journal:

The Bellevue Gazette says photos from the event on the newspaper's Facebook page prompted an angry phone call from Bellevue Superintendent Kim Schubert, who called the pictures "a shock."

Schubert issued a statement Tuesday saying inappropriate dancing at school events would not be tolerated. She says no further dances will be held in the district 45 miles southeast of Toledo until students are given some rules on behavior expected from them.

Bellevue High School senior Mariel Andrews tells WUPW-TV of Toledo that school administrators are being "dramatic" and blowing things out of proportion.

19 Action News interviewed a couple of students with opinion coming down on both sides.

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