Internet Gaming Cafe Customers Wish Cops Would Stop Them From Losing So Much Money



Dammit, I wish the cops would make me stop! But Im having so much fun!
  • Dammit, I wish the cops would make me stop! But I'm having so much fun!

Gambling addictions are real and dangerous. Thankfully there are plenty of options out there for the degenerates who can't stop themselves from dumping their paychecks into the coffers of online betting sites, casinos, internet gaming cafes, or their local poker games.

But even with Gamblers Anonymous, 1-800 lines, self-help books, some people just can't stop.

The last resort? Apparently hoping that the cops shut down their favorite local internet gaming parlor.

In a PD story today about a local gaming cafe that was recently raided, one Cleveland cop talks about one woman who wished the raid would have come before she lost all her money.

Lt. James Muhic, head of the Cleveland's police Intelligence Unit, said he thinks sweepstakes cafes house illegal gambling. His unit conducted the early afternoon raid on Cyber House on Oct. 1, confiscating 46 computers and $2,250 in cash.

Muhic said his detectives determined after a monthlong probe that gambling took place because some Cyber House customers had lost "substantial" amounts of money.

"One woman said she wished we had hit the place earlier in the day before she'd lost all her money," Muhic said.

Or, ya know, she just could have stopped.

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